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Meet the Artist

Art has been a passion throughout my life.

I create textural works using papers from around the world. Some are handmade, some marbled, batik or tie-dye in style. Some have inclusions of wood, fibers or flowers. Some look like fabric and are difficult to tear, requiring a precise cut. Some look like a leather or lace finish. Each paper has its own unique colors, quality and textures. 

The tactile quality of my work causes people to wonder if I am using fabric. The beauty, color and texture of each paper I employ becomes the focal point in my works. I challenge the paper's limits as my subjects include flowers, landscapes/nature and abstract themes, layering the papers in magical ways.


Inspiration may come from the papers, a photograph or a feeling, the wind, sunset, storm or from a destination. I add depth to my work as I layer papers, creating a 3D effect on a 2D surface. Some works depict a realistic interpretation of a scene. Other works take one to a place created by the beauty of the papers.


After earning my B.A. in Art Education, my career combined teaching art with being a freelance artist.  I specialized in logo designs, illustrations of buildings, calligraphy, original card designs, and for the past 17 years private and commercial commissions of mixed media art. 

I enjoy working with clients to create a special work of art. Through communication with you, my work is specifically tailored toward making your vision come to fruition. I continually delight in finding new ways to give paper a voice to speak to those who view my works, hoping it will broaden their appreciation of the media. 

Bring Your Vision to Life with a Stunning Paper Collage Work of Art.


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