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What Clients Say About

Working with Jean

"Jean Sandrock is an artist who embodies heart, thoughtfulness and incredible talent. She brings in details - both visible and those hidden within the story of the papers she chooses to fill the canvas - to make each piece a personalized reflection of the people for whom they are created. We hang our original Jean Sandrock with pride, love and deep gratitude for the many thoughtful components she stitched together to make the Milwaukee Skyline piece such a beautiful representation of our wedding day and the journeys that led us there. We will treasure her work always."

Laura Clementi

Deb Sullivan

"Each of us has been stopping by the dining room table to gaze at Cosmic Journey, your spectacular artwork, many times since you brought it to us last night. It truly is awesome. We all really love it. Thank you so much for creating such a personal and wonderful piece for our granddaughter to celebrate and remember her graduation. I am forever in your debt."

Carolyn and John Cain

"Jean Sandrock masterfully captured OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW.  Using the shades of blues for the water and greens for the surrounding foliage and trees along with the white tips of the mountain snow, Jean put together a collage that is not only beautiful but brings out all of the things we love about living in the Pacific Northwest.  We will treasure this piece wherever we go!"

"I worked with Jean as she created Garden Greeting, a very large piece that now hangs on a wall over a stairwell in my living room.  Jean took pictures of the flowers in my garden during the summer, since flowers are my passion. Jean then discussed various ideas with me about how she could create a large collage of the flowers from my garden.  

I am thrilled with the outcome. The piece is so vivid in color, the textures are so rich and the flowers are so beautiful.  

During the long, cold winters that we have in Wisconsin, I look at this piece and smile because I know spring and summer will come again. It was such a pleasure to work with Jean, to see her ideas and to watch her creative process. Thank you, Jean, for such a great experience and for a work of art that I love!"

Dave and Sigi Helgeson


"Herb and I love THE LILAC TREE that you created for us! This is a beautiful and deeply meaningful piece of art, and it will be a family treasure forever."

Mary and Herb Spooner

"Our piece by Jean Sandrock captures both the spirit and story of our wedding day in Central Park. Jean is an incredible artist who went above and beyond to reflect us throughout the work. One of my favorite parts of our piece is that it honors the location of our wedding and also represents the reasons that brought us together in New York City in the first place. The consideration Jean gave to every component- its shape, texture, color and origin - made our collage not only one-of-a-kind, but also a deeply personal and cherished piece of artwork in our home."

Mary Clementi

"We have lived in our home for over 25 years and had been blessed with an ideal location for artwork above our fireplace.  We could never find the perfect piece that reflected both our visual interests along with the unique, one of a kind creativeness we were looking for in an artist. 

Over the last few years we have been fortunate to both see and truly develop an aesthetic appreciation of several of Jean’s multi-media collage pieces. They are beyond unique as pieces emote texture, dimension, perspective and movement. Her artistry simply speaks to us, and the materials and techniques she uses are beyond compare.  We live near a local kettle pond –Graber Pond - that reflects a sense of spiritual calm, along with the vitality and beauty of a diverse landscape. We recognized Graber Pond had a particular perspective we wanted to display in our home. We commissioned Jean to create the work to fulfill our vision. Her passion and commitment to us surpassed our expectations. Jean listened and was a true collaborator with us. We were involved in every step of her process, which included selecting papers from a myriad of internationally sourced collection of papers that she transforms into a breathtaking piece of art.  Jean spent a significant amount of time architecting what the final piece would represent, not to mention advising on sizing, framing and protection for the piece.  Jean gave us regular updates on the progress of the work while educating us about the various techniques she was using. The technique in which she uses different characteristics and textures of papers was ingenious and painstakingly detailed. She used marbled paper to create rows of cornfields and represent movement of the water in the pond. She tore and cut papers into individual strands to create layers of bark and cattails, and manipulated papers to create the tops of feathered marsh plants. Jean layered the various papers, enabling the scene to come alive. Every placement of paper is highly intentional.


When I walk to Graber Pond, I feel as if I am transported to Jean’s piece located above our fireplace. She truly captured our passion and the total experience was beyond any of our expectations. We highly recommend Jean to those interested in an immersive experience and an outcome that will reflect your unique visual passions that will last a lifetime. "     


Kelly and Jeff Bybee

Terrie Hanke

"Denali, the Great One, is a sight that one never tires of.  I wanted to bring the great mountain into my home. In my mind, there was only one artist and one medium that could do Denali justice. I shared many stories with Jean about seeing and photographing the mountain and how elusive and ever changing it can be.  She studied three of my photos and listened to my stories. Jean became as enthralled with Denali as I was.  We conversed and collaborated through the entire process. 

I remember discussing the brilliance of Denali itself. It’s very hard to convey the stunning whiteness of the mountain. After I described it as dazzling, Jean went to work, searching for and combining the right papers and that’s exactly how Denali appears in the collage – DAZZLING. In creating the collage, Jean internalized my feelings about the mountain and created a work of art that is far superior to the three photos I provided her. She combined the visuals and my descriptions into a masterpiece. Jean’s ability to understand the feelings and passion of her clients and express them through paper collage is astounding. Every day I am awed by the splendor of Denali as it hangs in my home."

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